Streamer / Automatic spiralizer

The innovative approach of the Turatti Group has allowed the development of a revolutionary system to turn vegetables and hard fruits into new healthy nutritious vegetarian products. The Model Streamer is designed to automatically obtain a wide range of spiralized products, with different shapes and sizes. The vegetables and hard fruits are fed into the loading system where they are held before being conveyed to the cutting station (this permits a seamless automatic operation, which cannot be achieved with the small commercial kitchen tools). The cutting station is composed of a series of multiple cutting heads, each one a clever piece of technology equipped with a centering device allowing the creation of uniform and regular spiral slices from firm fruits and vegetables. Different shapes can be made including “Spaghetti”, “Tagliatelle”, Ribbons,… from carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli stalk, butternut squash,...

The model is designed to be easy to operate and hygiene, with all the necessary protection for safe operation.

The main features and advantages of the system are:

• Combined high capacity with amazing quality and versatility.

• Recovery of otherwise unutilized product parts (stalks, cores, irregular products…).

• Continuous operation with different product.

• Uniform cut with flexibility to add variety as required.


Specifications /

Installed power
3,3 kW
2124 x 3572 x H. 1507 mm / 84 x 141 x H. 59 inches

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