Dionysus System /

The high quality of the hand-made stripping of grapes enhanced by the industrial process capabilities

As the grapevine grows in the open environment, its grapes are exposed to many foreign substances, whose nature and origins are manifold. The grape skins and stems are exposed to pesticides residues, and a number of various pollutants that are carried by the wind and deposited by rain. These pollutants consist of earth metals residues, minerals, radioactive substances and heavy metals such as copper, lead, and mercury among others. Studies have shown that these environmental pollutants can be harmful to humans, but it is not known how these pollutants have the ability to impair the metabolism of yeasts that are the basis of the wine fermentation process.

Years of research and development have allowed Turatti Group, a leading developer of innovative processes in the food processing, to create a range of innovative solutions in the field of winemaking. With specific attention to cleaning, sorting, washing and drying before grape crushing and pressing the Dionysus ® brand was created.

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